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The Halcyon bird is also known as the African Kingfisher and is known to make it's nest by the sea. It's story dates back to Greek mythology. In these stories, after much tragedy and continued loss of her eggs by the winter storms, the Goddess Halcyon pleaded with Zeus for calm seas to ensure her children's safety. This time period has become known as Halcyon Days, which represents the 7 days before and after the Winter Solstice in which the winds and waves of the sea are calm, serene, and tranquil.


Much like the ever-changing seas, mental health, chronic pain, and wellness can ebb and flow daily, weekly, seasonally, and beyond. At Halcyon Infusions & Therapeutics, we look to minimize and manage the waves of emotion, pain, or discomfort to help you live your life to the fullest. We know and understand that every person and situation is unique, and we pride ourselves on providing patient centered treatments and care to best support your individual needs. 


Halcyon Infusions & Therapeutics was formed with a goal of supporting people on their personal and distinctive journeys, including through providing access to effective alternative treatments and therapy services to nurture individual goals, wellness, and well-being. We take pride in creating a safe, peaceful, and therapeutic space, ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible while providing quality care for their unique needs.

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